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With our Netcad Infrastructure products, we offer software solutions which you can usein desktop engineering project processes, maximizing your efficiency and facilitate your decision making mechanism. In addition, we enable you to create many information systems where you can manage your business processes. We adopt after-sales support as a principle and enable you to use our products effectively and support your business processes constantly. We instantly evaluate your development suggestions that will fully meet your needs and are very excited to see new users joining us.

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1st International Potable Water and Waste Water Symposium
2ND International Symposium on Natural Hazards and Disaster Management
4th International Water Congress-Water Management in Smart Cities
Hydro'2018-Natıonal Symposıum On Hydrogeology And Water Resources

H.İbrahim ÇETİNER | Netpro Engineering Products Manager


Some quotes from our happy clients!

“ In the HATTA Pump Storage Hydro Power Plant project,which we started as Strabag-Ozkar JV in Dubai, is shown and followed as a pilotproject in the Gulf and Arab Countries, we actively use NETCAD software in allphases of the project together with the renewed Netsurf 8, Netpro 9 and Excanet3 modules. . NETCAD has also solved the dynamism in the design part with Netpro9. The biggest difference of NETCAD from other software we use is, the manualediting we can make to the sections we prepare which is much easier and simplerthan others. In addition, NETCAD Supportx returns within a short time with itssupport line. ”

Murat Pehlivan

“NETCAD Netpro software is has serious accelerated for us to redesign ourproject within the scope of the Construction of Water Supply and SewerageSystems in Marnauli and Serwerage System and Collector's project, which is co-financedby the United Water Supply Company of Georgia, LCC (UWSCG) and the AsianDevelopment Bank. It has gained speed. In addition to this, we are able toproduce easy solutions for our shop-drawings and pre-built and progresspayments after using the application Netpro Canalis, Drinking Water and Excanetprograms. We are constantly communicating with Netcad services and we arecontributiing to our project by conducting joint studies with NETCAD ProductManagers..”

Mehmet Fatih Fırat

“We successfully accomplished the project of Akim Oda, Akwatia andWinneba Water Supply Expansion Project owned by GhanaWater Company Limited(GWCL) and used NETCAD Infrastructure software within the scope of the project.With the project completed in 2018, drinking water treatment and distribution(including Akim Oda, Akwatia and Winneba, which are the three major cities inGhana) have been provided. With the completion of this project, which we haveundertaken with all the details as Arda Group, all people of the region gotclean and potable water.”

Hamdi Kısınma

“One ofTurkey's leading software company Netcad has proven leadership once again inthe survey and construction sector with an entire solution for all the projectsin the Ankara-Nigde highway. It helps us to produce practical and reliable solutionsfor projects that include dozens of intersections and helps us during everystage of the project preparations to perform quantity takeoff and theirapplications with precise calculation. They produced new and much more usefulversions such as NETPRO 9, NETSURF 8, and EXCANET 3. I wish Netcad, whichoffers practical approaches for project solutions to every engineering branchworking with a map-based project to reach a better future with its experiencedand determined R&D employees.…“

Onur Kahraman

“As anengineer who has been in the construction industry since 1993, I am the user ofNetcad and especially Netpro, Netsurf, 3D and Excanet modules since 2004. It ismy indispensable software thanks to its practical, fast, reliable solutions andlanguage support for stages in the Road and Infrastructure projects such asconstruction, progress payment, final account. In addition the these, as aresult of their new versions, our development suggestions and ideas are nowmore carefully listened to and included which makes that perfect. I wouldrecommend it to all my colleagues and other branch friends who take part insuch projects”

Ali Yıldızbaş

“We useNetcad in our projects. In the new version, there have been very necessaryinnovations. Especially when parameters such as horizontal, verticaltransitions, superelevation, a vertical deviation that stored in the route fileare changed, the revised version of the project added in a very short time withthe help of the new refresh feature which has been a very necessary innovationthat allowed us the determination of the most optimal solution. Also, itallowed us to compare an old and  revisedversion of the project. In Netpro 9, the introduction of excel row and columnstructure to the editors, where the definition of superelevation and verticaldeviation are made, has facilitated data entry and modification processes. Itallowed us to handle it in a short time. In the editor where the superelevationdefinitions are made, reading automatic superelevation definitions and then theability to intervene in the superelevation change intervals with the newinterface has increased the process capability. Defined transition intervalsand superelevation work now can be observed from the editor and screen at thesame time, which contributed greatly to preventing errors. I expect thecontinuation of these innovations and wish you success in your work.”

Mehmet Türk

“NETPRO 9 has come a long way towards becoming a completelydifferent version.  It is admirable tosee that the dynamic structure of the program allows users to reflect projectchanges in drawings and reports with a single command.Especially the station equation is an indispensableapplication, it is very beneficial for users. And adding the ripple panel underthe module will make the application healthier to work.  In addition, the ability to exchange datafrom the on-screen data and other applications with definition editors is avery convenient and time-saving integration.In the plan and profile drawings, some parameters thatwe had to add manually are available automatically right now.  In conclusion, small touches in NETPRO 9provided effortlessness, and big touches brought professionalism”

Ali Fuat Şan

“My acquaintance with Netcad started in 1995. As a maptechnician, I have learned through what stages the program has gone through andwhat can be done with this program.Between 2013-2018, I used Netcad on theNorthern Marmara Highway, the Eurasia Tunnel, the Akkuyu Nuclear Power PlantProject, and the Tuz Gölü Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility Projects. Ihave worked with Netcad base model, Netsurf, Excanet and especially Netpro on afirst class road projects. We had a good experience working together in preparationof road routes, preparation of land data for application, progress paymentsprojects.If summarize about the modules; NETSURF 8: The triangle analysis, 3d preview, volumecalculation from the point cloud, reading xml file, generating triangle fromraster features that come with Netsurf 8 are remarkable innovations. Excanet 3:The dynamic structure has drawn my attention from the innovations that comewith Excanet 3.  In my opinion, this is amust-have feature for every module of Netcad. I think this feature will be muchbetter in later versions. Leveling objects by surface  in the elevation editor and cancel all elevationfeatures are very well defined.  Thedefinition editor paved the way for future developments. NETPRO 9 The dynamic structure and station equation inNetpro 9 were the innovations that we, users, we expecting to ease our work. Endless thanks to the Netcad family, who care about theiruser's requests for program development and strive to resolve them quickly withtheir new structure. I wish you the continuation of your success. ”

Oktay Işık

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