Design your potable water projects, Perform hydraulic and dynamic models

Using our software, create freshwater projects with all its phases, save sources and drop energy costs, realize hydraulic and dynamic modelling.
With NETPRO Water; easily realize lifting, gravity, open network, closed (dead point or hardy cross) projects, simulate as long as necessary, realize hydraulic and dynamic modelling

DESIGN AND Calculatıon

CREATE PROJECTS ın a short span of tıme

You can use anunlimited number of project elements.
Automatically; pipe diameter, requirements and calculation rates, pump power, engineering structures, node details, geometric & hydraulic controls of the project can be performed in a dynamic structure.
You can realize your closed network projects with the power transmission lines, open-closed network according to zero point and hardy cross method. By specifying your water distribution network, you can create hydraulic and dynamic models with specific hydraulic rules that you can specify at any time interval. You can perform many analyzes such as water quality analysis and chlorine analysis.



You can check thepressure difference, flow rate, speed, pipe level, pipe elevation, overpressure, operating and static pressure values ​​ofyour projects at every stage of the project. You can report changeson the basis of the templates we have prepared for you; transmission corner and calculation profiles, suppression & depression impact calculations, pump power reports, warehouse, plan sheets at desired scale and detail, hydraulic calculation results, execution tables, plan drawings, mounting and cornertables, node details, excavation quantities, tank water level and hourlychanges of nodes. You can also create your own report templates.


PROJECT YOUR TRANSMISSION LINES whıch workwıth pumps & gravıtıonal force

Solve your transmission lines whıch work wıth pumps & gravıtıonal force. You can automatically calculate the locationsand calculations of the required engineering structures in your projects.



You can achieve your network solutions in different ways. Use zero point, open network or hardy cross methods.

Modeling Capabilities

Hydraulic modelling & Water Quality Modeling & Energy minimization & Fire flow analysis

You can model drinking water distribution systems. With this modeling, you can use water more effectively, perform quality analyzes, andreduce energy use by designing special hydraulic rules. In your distribution systems, automatically calculate the flow rate of each node according to the length in  2D or 3D with a half pipe length approach for your desired time periods and automatically resize your pipeline designs.For example; you can define the co-efficients which will beused on the nodes at any time interval for 72 hours. You can determine the hydraulic analyzes and calculations according to these factors. In this sense;you can reveal your values for Day 1 normal daily water consumption, Day 2normal daily water consumption and fire flow rate and Day 3 maximum daily water consumption. Easily simulate each project element at the desired time intervals.Get reports, plans, profiles and detailed table sand drawings of each account in your drinking water distribution system and create your own report templates.