in a short time most accurate projects

We allow you to produce all of your transportation and water structures projectssuch as road, railway, intersection, tunnel, dam, flood protection with thestrongest tools in a fast and easy manner.

Quickly and easily designand produce, report and update all your projects involving corridor such asroad design, railway, flood protection, dam, pond water structures andexcavation projects and your various excavation projects on a very strongplatform and with a dynamic structure

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alternative projects

Determine the Most Suitable Projects.

Createdifferent applications of the same project in dynamic structure, compare themwith required criteria and select the most suitable project.  Increase your competitiveness.

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Quickly achieve All Volume and Excavation calculations

Calculate the volumes between the surfaces and perform Bruckner definitions; print theresults to reports in various formats.
Volume calculation, prismatic volume calculation between surfaces or cross-section volume calculation can be performed.

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traffic signs

Automatically create your traffic signs

Calculate the volumes b


Automatically seek routes and with less cost

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